人教版新目标英语九年级 Unit 13 Rainy days make me sad. 单元 课件

Unit 13
Rainy days make me sad.
Free talk: Could you recommend a nice restaurant near here? I'd like a quiet restaurant. I'd like a restaurant with cheerful atmosphere.
I'd like to have some local food.
I want a restaurant with reasonable prices.
Pair work: Describe the restaurant and answer the questions.

  1. How do you feel about the color of the restaurant? The color red makes me.
  2. How do you feel about the loud music? Loud music makes me.
  3. How do you feel about the pictures on the wall? The pictures makes me .

  1. How …….about the quiet music? Quiet music makes me…….
  2. How……….the color of this restaurant?
  3. Which restaurant would you like to go? Why?
The Rockin’ Restaurant The awful pictures make
1b The Blue Lagoon The soft music makes
sad Amy .
The loud music makes
relaxed Amy .
The soft music makes
tense Amy .
sleepy Tina .
Where would you like to go? Why?
A: I’d rather go to the blue Lagoon Restaurant because I like to listen to quiet music while I’m eating. B: Oh, really? Loud music makes me energetic. A: Not me! Loud music makes me stressed out.
Waiting for her made me angry angry. tense. She said that loud music made her tense Loud music makes me happy happy.
Loud music always makes me want to dance dance. It was so sad it made us cry cry. Sad movies don’t make me cry. They just make me want to leave leave! Listen and check the things that It made me sad. Tina and John said
Loud music makes me tense. tense. Loud music makes her happy. happy. energetic. Loud music makes them energetic. Loud music makes me want to dance. dance. Loud music makes him want to leave. leave. It made her sad. sad. Waiting for her made me angry. angry.
make makes made

  1. make +n.
make food 做饭 make the bed 铺床
make a plane做飞机 做飞机 make money 赚钱

  2. I just made it to my class. (Unit
  9)我恰好赶到班级。 )我恰好赶到班级。 (arrived in time) )
  3. make sb. / sth. + adj. 使某人(感到)… 使某人(感到) 可 用 到 的 形 容 词 有 : happy, pleased, surprised, angry, annoyed, sad, upset, unhappy, worried, anxious, excited, relaxed, stressed out, tense, calm, scared, comfortable, sick … eg. 足球使我疯狂。 (
  1)Soccer makes me crazy. 足球使我疯狂。 ) 轻柔的音乐使Tina (
  2)The soft music makes Tina sleepy. 轻柔的音乐使 ) 快睡着了。 快睡着了。

  4. make sb. / sth. + do …使某人做某事 使某人做某事 eg. (
  1)Wars make the peace go away. ) 战争使和平远离。 战争使和平远离。 (
  2)The color red makes people want to eat ) faster. 红色使人们吃得更快些。 红色使人们吃得更快些。
3a Listen and decide which statement is true

  1. Restaurant owner not only have to know how to make food but also have to know how to make money
  2. The color red makes people happy.
  3. Most fast food restaurants have red walls because it can make people relaxed.
  4. Soft lighting makes both customers and food look good.
  5. Loud noise and hard seats make people want to leave soon.
  6. Small restaurants can’t serve many people can’ every day.

  1. What does the color red make most people feel?
Red makes most people hungry. It makes them eat faster.

  2. Why do so many fast food restaurants have red colors, loud music, and hard seats?
They make people want to eat quickly and leave so more people can come in.

  3. Do you think it’s fair that some restaurants are designed to be uncomfortable?
What is it?
A: The seats are very hard. The white walls make me stressed. B: Is it this classroom? A: No, it isn’t. C: Is it a hospital? A: Yes, that’s right.
What kind of place do you want to describe?
A: How do you feel about pollution? B: It makes me kind of angry. How about you? A: It makes me want to join a clean-up campaign. How do you feel about …
heavy traffic? loud noise? endangered animals? smoking? people who keep you waiting?
Talk about these questions with your partner?
sun glasses
Take TOSHIBA, take the world
The taste is great
What are these products? What are they used for? What do your friends say about the products and the ads?

  1. Whiter than white
  2. For that mysterious look Products
  3.For the shiniest hair ever 2a&2b

  4. For silky skin What people say a. It tastes terrible. b. It worked really well. c. They don’t even keep out the sun. d. It didn’t work.
  1. Easy Care Shampoo
  2. Lookout Sunglasses
  3. Beauty Cream
  4. Starshine Toothpaste
Advertising: pros and cons
Disadvantages of ads: make our cities and countryside look ugly can be confusing or misleading can lead people to buy something they don’ don’t need
Advantages of ads: help people compare different products help people save money
有时; 1 At times: sometimes 有时; 间或 At other times: on other occasions 在其他时候;也有时候 在其他时候; Sometimes he’s fun to be with; at other times he can be very moody. At times he’s fun to be with; at other times he can be very moody.
有时候他很有风趣, 可也有时候脾气一上来就喜怒无常。 有时候他很有风趣, 可也有时候脾气一上来就喜怒无常。
tell a lie 2 tell the truth 说实话 可用作情态动词和实义动词 3 need:
情态动词: 情态动词: need do sth (用于否定和疑问句 用于否定和疑问句) 用于否定和疑问句
You needn’t finish that work today. “Need you go yet?”
去。” 实义动词: 实义动词:
你今天不必把那项工作做完。 你今天不必把那项工作做完。
“ No, I needn’t.” “你一定的去吗?” “我不必 你一定的去吗? 你一定的去吗
need to do sth // need sth
She needs to go to the bank every week. 她每周要去趟银行。 她每周要去趟银行。 Do you need any help?
你需要帮助吗? 你需要帮助吗?
4 lead sb to do sth
Can you guess the ad?
washing powder 奇强贬日篇
Can you guess the ad?
Can you guess the ad?
Task:These are the ads on the internet. Can you write slogans for them?
中 国 人 , 奇 强
Self check
list lead compare keep out taste
  1. I need a new jacket. This one doesn’t keep out the cold.
  2. Customers say the food at the restaurant terrible. listed
  3. When prices are , you can go to the store with the lowest price. lead
  4. Working hard at English can to a good job. compare
  5. Wait before you buy that watch. Let’s prices in another store.
lead to sth:
have sth as its result
This misprint led to great confusion. 这个印刷错误造成很大的混淆。 这个印刷错误造成很大的混淆。
The art of giving
a friend who is in hospital your parents’ wedding anniversary your teacher’s birthday a friend who is studying for an exam an American exchange student’s birthday
flowers, fruits, tonic
(滋补品) 滋补品)
flowers, flowers, toys, books, traditional Chinese products
let’s say vase
pretend to do sth:
假装做… 假装做
a.Having the qualities of a woman b. A container used for holding flowers c. Correct
ahead of time feminine proper acceptable
d. For example e. Before something starts f. okay

  1. The problem with giving clothes gifts is that
the person may not like them. .

  2. If you give flowers, it’s a good idea to
give a vase too. .

  3. It’s important to follow the host’s rules. If you don’t, you might
embarrass guests and be thought rude. .

  4. If you can’t think of a gift for someone, one
to give money. idea is .

  5. Giving money is okay when
it’s part of a tradition such as Chinese New Year. .


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